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Use end-to-end encryption or publish public files to Arweave.
Plug Akord vaults into existing products and workflows.
Find, discover and follow Akord vaults with our Permaweb dApp.
NFT Projects & Creators
Avoid disaster by storing your assets permanently on-chain.
Archiving & Preservation
Secure large amounts of data for the next 200 years (at least).
Business Impact
Protect business and customer data with E2E encryption and blockchain.
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Ensure your NFTs never lose their value

Are you an artist, creator, or collector looking for a secure and reliable platform to store your valuable digital artworks? Akord provides a seamless integration with Arweave, allowing you to securely store your NFT assets and ensure their long-term preservation.

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Off-chain storage risks disaster


NFTs on a central server and can be easily modified or disappear. About 5% of NFTs are no longer available.

Sources: Decrypt, YourNFTs


NFTs stored on IPFS. From June–December 2021 3.91% of NFT images were lost on IPFS.


If OpenSea ever collapses, ~8% of NFTs will be lost. Many marketplaces use private servers.

Source: YourNFTs

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On-chain forever – an NFT must

01_Stored for 200 years (at least)

Akord uses Arweave, a decentralized storage protocol, for secure and durable NFT asset protection.

Arweave uses a crypto endowment – the network fee guarantees 200 years of storage.

Arweave is the only truly permanent data storage in existence. The only choice for perpetual peace of mind.

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02_You don't need tokens or wallets

When you sign up you’ll create an Akord wallet in a few clicks. No need to go and download another extension.

$AR, the token used for storage on Arweave, can be difficult to get hold of. We take care of that.

Get 100 MB free on sign up, and start a subscription for more airdrops. Cancel at any time, but never lose data.

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03_Web-FrIendly URLs & SDK

You may want to upload 10,000 images or more for your NFT project. Easy – drag and drop or select a folder.

Once assets are uploaded you can generate a manifest, which will contain web-friendly URLs for the contracts.

For builders, Akord API, AkordJS and CLI give you everything you need to integrate permanent storage in your project.

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04_Token-Gated Access

Use your NFTs as a requirement to access our vaults. 

Load vaults with additional content to add value to your NFTs and collection. 

Holders will verify their token on a white-labelled page before gaining access to the vault.

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Number of digital assets stored permanently on-chain to date.
The cost to store 100 images at 1 MB file size on Arweave.
Average time it takes to commit a file to the blockchain.
Number of public and private digital vaults created so far.
Non-fungible peace of mind

I don’t want my artwork to disappear, I want it to last in the world. Akord is a way to ensure it’ll outlast me.

Erik Lundy
Comic Book Artist

We use the Akord SDK to reduce the complexity to integrate with Arweave.

NFT Builder

Permaweb for your grandaunt!

Mike Lowther

What a web3 app should look like. It just works.

Co-founder, Crasolum

Do you need support to launch?

If you're launching an NFT project and need support using Akord to make your assets permanent, let us know!