Use end-to-end encryption or publish public files to Arweave.
Plug Akord vaults into existing products and workflows.
Find, discover and follow Akord vaults with our Permaweb dApp.

Performance for the Permaweb

The Akord API let’s any team easily access the dynamic features of Akord’s vaults and Arweave’s permanent storage, as well as essential features like caching, queuing and reposting of transactions.

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In a few lines of code


Easily access Arweave’s permanence

Use email and password, your wallet or an API key to get access the Arweave blockchain. Invite others with an airdrop invite so they don’t need to signup. No need for $AR to upload. We abstracted away the web3 hassle.


Bridge your data from web2 to web3

Building on top of existing storage solutions, you can effortlessly import and sync data from Amazon S3, GDrive and Dropbox. Create cloud storage vaults and send files to your blockchain vaults when you’re ready to go permanent.


Secure, streamlined collaboration

Efficiently manage data through an intuitive user interface or CLI, ensure secure collaboration with robust end-to-end encryption and seamless communication via notifications and emails.

Teams are using Akord vaults in diverse ways

From reforestation to leasing healthcare data – Akord's API is enabling organizations to unlock new ways of working with data.

Trees seedlings optimised

Veritree are on a mission to plant 1 billion trees by 2030.

Teams are using Dedoco

Dedoco are a decentralised document management platform.

Wheel of Life Edit
Mahamati Foundation

Mahamati Foundation are preserving ancient Buddhist texts

Genetic dna

Genobank enable researchers to share genetic data with NFTs.

Teams are using foreverstories

ForeverStories podcast stories and preserve guests’ content.

Empowering builders

This protocol [Akord] allows you to harness the best tools that are being built.

Duncan Brown
Veritree, Blockchain Engineer

Akord is bringing privacy to Arweave, the missing layer for the ecosystem.

Sam Williams
Co-founder, Arweave

Akord enabled us to focus on building value higher in the technology stack. They provided best in class support for integrating their protocol.

Todd Kitchens
Co-founder, FMD Systems

Akord excels in flawlessly merging Web2 and Web3, showcasing profound technical knowledge.

Jakub Wojciechowski
Founder and CEO, Warp Contracts
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API core features


Get all this info and more general FAQs from our documentation pages.

Got a minute? Sign up and create your first vault.

None of the normal web3 hassle – no crypto wallets or tokens needed. The only app to provide free storage on Arweave and the cloud.