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Use end-to-end encryption or publish public files to Arweave.
Plug Akord vaults into existing products and workflows.
Find, discover and follow Akord vaults with our Permaweb dApp.
NFT Projects & Creators
Avoid disaster by storing your assets permanently on-chain.
Archiving & Preservation
Secure large amounts of data for the next 200 years (at least).
Business Impact
Protect business and customer data with E2E encryption and blockchain.

The Akord App

The easiest way to preserve your files – forever

Akord’s public and private vaults provide permanent data storage for the files you can’t afford to lose. Ideal for storing family photos, NFT projects or creating an archive.

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Have permanent peace of mind

No more losing precious data with Akord's blockchain vaults. Secure your files permanently, so even if you stop paying or Akord ceases to exist you will always have access to your data.


Invite others and easily collaborate

We've created social vaults, whether public or private, where you can invite others with access controls to help collaborate, share or message. 


Get complete privacy whenever you need it

Choose to publish your data in a private vault and benefit from quantum resistant end-to-end encryption. Your data is so secure even we can't see.

The Swiss army knife for owning data

We've focused on building a simple tool that can take care of many tasks – whether you need to safely store a few files or archive a life's work.

01 Files 400

Easily manage and organise your files and folders.

02 Chat 400

Message members of your vault with a familiar UI.

03 Media 400

Share files, photos, videos and audio in a gallery.

04 Storage 400

Top up your permanent storage whenever you need it.

Permaweb for the people

A better UX for permanent file storage than anything I've really seen yet.

Nader Dabit
Founder, Developer DAO

Permaweb for your grandaunt!

Mike Lowther

Akord is the future of storage – safe, simple and onchain. Everything Google Drive will never be.

Erik Ploeg

The Dropbox and Whatsapp of Web3, but more secure!

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Pantone 2 Ice Colour blocks



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None of the normal web3 hassle – no crypto wallets or tokens needed. The only app to provide free storage on Arweave and the cloud.