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Epsori’s NFTs are heading for our solar system

Muhammad Ahmed
Muhammad Ahmed
29 Aug 2023 · 3 min


The emergence of NFTs has completely changed the way artists and creators authenticate and monetize their unique creations. But the potential loss of these digital assets due to off-chain storage threatens their longevity. In fact, 91% of NFTs are not stored on-chain, making them vulnerable.

If you want your NFTs to truly last, they must be stored on-chain. Dedicated to preserving humanity's digital artifacts, Akord has emerged as a trusted platform for numerous NFT projects.

Today, we spotlight the NFT Collection Epsori, which has decided to host its wonders of space and extraterrestrial life on Akord.

To tell us more about this project, we interviewed the founder, Jerry Hillburn.

Jerry’s Vision

I am an astronomer, passionate about the science and lore of astronomy. Every time I lecture, I'm asked about UFOs and aliens. Two years ago, at my observatory, an idea sparked: a narrative about an alien visiting our solar system.

Jerry Hillburn

Jerry jumped onto Midjourney, where he crafted over 5,000 images from planetary objects, to solar systems, starships, and a spectrum of aliens for the stories.

He was always interested in crypto, particularly NFTs but could not see the intrinsic value of an NFT being worth more than a few dollars.

So how did he overcome this barrier when working on his own collection?

Adding value within Akord’s vaults

For many, an NFT's value remains tethered to its associated image. Jerry saw beyond this limitation. He was all too aware of the risks: bad actors who stole high-resolution images, altered them, and repurposed them as their own.

His approach? Design low resolution NFTs as the means to access the high resolution version, as well as further assets and perks.

The base NFT will act as an authenticator to access a specific Akord vault for each NFT holder. Jerry is working with the Akord team to be one of the first projects to implement our new token-gated access feature, ensuring that his project will be able to stand out and deliver value for holders.

So what’s inside Epsori’s vaults?

Each holder will find the following files in their vault:

  • Original PFP Token used to Mint NFT - 300 x 300 pixels Exclusive PFP Image - No Duplicates
  • 2k x 2k 300 DPI High Resolution Image
  • 3k x 3k Astro Photo of PFP Home Star
  • 1.2k x 1.2k WCS Fit File with HD Star ID’s
  • Aladdin star reference link
  • Community details PDF
  • Commercial rights PDF

Beyond this, each NFT holder will be able to access a public repository of science data (Astro photos) to learn about and produce their own processed output. This library is currently in excess of a terabyte of data, and growing.

Every month a virtual star party will be held where members can join a Zoom session and participate in controlling a robotic telescope at one of my two observatories.

Authenticated holders will be offered courses in Astrophotography, asteroid, and exoplanet studies, and advice about telescopes and equipment if they decide to buy their own.

Authenticated members will also be invited to annual trips to Death Valley, Mojave Desert, in the spring and late fall. Trips to the SoCal observatory will also be available for small groups.

Conclusion: unlocking NFTs true treasures

Jerry's journey with Epsori and his collaboration with Akord offer a glimpse into a future where NFTs become multidimensional keys, unlocking not just content but experiences, education, and community. Each Epsori NFT isn't just an asset; it's an entry ticket into a realm of knowledge, exploration, and shared passion.

There's little intrinsic value in owning just a jpg image. Look beyond the token. Real-world experiences, community access, content ownership—these are the treasures.

Jerry Hillburn

This transformation from static ownership to dynamic engagement exemplifies the evolution of NFTs and their potential to redefine value in the digital age. While Akord provides the tools, creators like Jerry give them purpose and meaning with their creativity.

If you’re interested in following this project, you can do so here.

Inspired by Jerry and his vision for token-gated access? If you have an NFT project and are interested in this feature, reach out to us.

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