Use end-to-end encryption or publish public files to Arweave.
Plug Akord vaults into existing products and workflows.
Find, discover and follow Akord vaults with our Permaweb dApp.

Build with privacy and permanence

Integrate user-owned storage into your (d)apps.

Use the CLI to easily secure files on Arweave.

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Teams are using Akord vaults in diverse ways

From reforestation to leasing healthcare data – Akord's API is enabling organizations to unlock new ways of working with data.

Trees seedlings optimised

Veritree are on a mission to plant 1 billion trees by 2030.

Teams are using Dedoco

Dedoco are a decentralised document management platform.

Wheel of Life Edit
Mahamati Foundation

Mahamati Foundation are preserving ancient Buddhist texts

Genetic dna

Genobank enable researchers to share genetic data with NFTs.

Teams are using foreverstories

ForeverStories podcast stories and preserve guests’ content.



Permanent, decentralised and on-chain storage

Built on Arweave – a decentralised, on-chain storage network with a pay once, store forever model. Akord protocol sends and verifies all data and logic on Arweave.


Complete privacy by design

AkordJS handles all quantum resistant, end-to-end encryption, while making sure data is encrypted during transmission, processing and storage.


Composable – built to be extended

Akord vaults arrange how members can save, exchange and process data. The protocol is designed for developers to extend.

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The data ownership toolkit

Built for builders

Get going with a few lines of codes

The Akord Protocol and SDK provide the tools to store data, share and collaborate on Arweave. Bring data ownership, permanence and privacy to your apps

npm install @akord/akord-js
# Init Akord
import { Akord, Auth } from "@akord/akord-js";
const { wallet } = await Auth.signIn(username, password);
const akord = await Akord.init(wallet);

# Create your vault
const { vaultId } = akord.vault.create("My personal vault");

# Upload a file to your vault
const { stackId, uri } =  await akord.stack.create(vaultId, "./photo.jpg");

# Once the transaction is accepted on Arweave network (it takes 5-15 minutes on average),
# you can access your file on ViewBlock by visiting the following URL:{uri}

# Download your file
const filePath = await;

Get going in the terminal with our CLI.

Some people prefer diving in with the basics rather than reading every page of the docs!

Building together

Supporting and connecting our community

We have a range of channels to support builders, from grants to our community Discord. It’s easy to connect with our team and other builders in the ecosystem, and get any help you may need.

Our success is a successful community.

We’re not here just to create a product. We’re here to join with like-minded builders, eyes gleaming at the thought of the potential, the possibilities, the future. Without you, our work is incomplete.

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Get all this info and more general FAQs from our documentation pages.

Chat with our community

Talk to other members of our community, ask questions and get the heads up on all the latest Akord happenings.