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NFT Projects & Creators
Avoid disaster by storing your assets permanently on-chain.
Archiving & Preservation
Secure large amounts of data for the next 200 years (at least).
Business Impact
Protect business and customer data with E2E encryption and blockchain.
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For data that’s too valuable to lose

Akord vaults make your data immutable, permanent and decentralized – the perfect recipe to protect to preserve it for many generations and ensure you will never lose access.  

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Trusted by organizations like

On a mission to plant 1 billion trees by 2030.


A leading insurance broker bridging the gap to web3.


A decentralised document management platform.


Preserving ancient Buddhist texts and teachings.


Enabling researchers to share genetic data.


Losses and costs of the centralized cloud


Increasing data accessibility by just 10% would generate over $65m in additional income.

Source: Forbes


Organizations believe poor data quality is responsible for an average of $15m per year in losses.

Source: Gartner


The global average cost of a data breach in 2023 was USD 4.45 million, a 15% increase over 3 years.

Source: IBM

Cumulative cost of 1 TB over 50 years

Assumes data is replicated at least once for AWS, Google and Azure. Blockchain storage guarantees a minimum of 15 replicas.

Sources: AWS, Azure, Google, Arweave Fees

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The tools to power preservation

01_Hot storage accessibility

All your data accessible whenever you need it. No downtime, no retrieval fees.

Access and contribute through responsive web apps with best in class UX, or use the CLI and API.

Zero friction keeps your organization working smoothly. Unlock all your data’s value whenever you need it.

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02_Cold storage cost

Data storage with a finite cost – save on cloud solutions over the long term by owning data on-chain.

An end to complex contracts, never-ending payments and hidden fees – simplicity that saves.

Knowing the total cost of ownership empowers better planning and organizational decisions.

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03_Securely on-chain

Ensure data integrity by storing on a cryptographically immutable blockchain.

Eliminate ransomware attacks through a decentralised architecture.

Private data is protected with quantum resistant end-to-end encryption – you own the keys.

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04_Forever owned

Permanent, censorship resistant, immutable data – no one can alter or delete your data.

Blockchain storage endowment ensures your heritage for 200 years (at least).

Akord and the underlying blockchain are built on open source protocols – no vendor lock in.

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Number of digital assets stored permanently on-chain to date.
The cost to store 100 images at 1 MB file size on Arweave.
Average time it takes to commit a file to the blockchain.
Number of public and private digital vaults created so far.
The Web3 Archive

Akord is providing the Foundation with the means to not only protect and store digital files for hundreds of years, but also to ensure the quality of the information is preserved perfectly.

Karma Trinlay Rinpoche
Founder, Mahamati Foundation

A better UX for permanent file storage than anything I've really seen yet.

Nader Dabit
Founder, Developer DAO

Akord is bringing privacy to Arweave, the missing layer for the ecosystem.

Sam Williams
Co-founder, Arweave

What a web3 app should look like. It just works.

Co-founder, Crasolum

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