Use end-to-end encryption or publish public files to Arweave.
Plug Akord vaults into existing products and workflows.
Find, discover and follow Akord vaults with our Permaweb dApp.
Launching soon

Permanent access and discoverability

Akord Explorer will be deployed directly on-chain, living alongside your data. Regardless of what happens to Akord the company, Explorer will always give you access to any data you’ve uploaded.

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In an instant


Access your data regardless of if we exist

As Explorer is deployed directly on the Arweave network, it will continue to run independently of Akord the company once it's launched. In fact, every version of Explorer ever deployed will be accessible so you can always access your favourite release. 


Share your files through a Permaweb gallery

With Explorer, you can share your files on the Permaweb from within a stylish a multifunctional media viewer. Easily click through all the assets in a vault within a gallery-type experience. 


Discover and follow any public vault on Akord

You can search for any public vault on Akord by using terms that appear in a vault's title or tags. Discover what other people are storing forever on Akord and follow their vault so you don't miss an upload. 

Your Permaweb portal

Akord Explorer can act like a front page to all public files on Akord, opening the door to a Permaweb network for everyone from preservation organisation to content creators.

Explorer 1

Search for any public vault on Akord using title or tags.

Explorer 2

Discover interesting vaults and follow.

Explorer 3

You’ll always have access to Explorer and your data.

Explorer 4

Share public files, photos, videos and audio.

The PermaWEB Google

Akord is bringing privacy to Arweave, the missing layer for the ecosystem.

Sam Williams
Co-founder, Arweave

Akord is the future of storage – safe and simple. Everything Google Drive will never be.

Erik Ploeg

What a web3 app should look like. It just works.

Co-founder, Crasolum

Akord enabled us to focus on building value higher in the technology stack. They provided best in class support for integrating their protocol.

Todd Kitchens
Co-founder, FMD Systems
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Explorer core features


Get all this info and more product info from our documentation pages.

Chat with our community

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