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Building a legacy: A digital artist's dive into NFTs

We discuss how Erik Lundy came across NFTs and why he’s chosen Akord to preserve his digital art.

31 Aug 2023
Clock 3 min


If you’re a digital artist, you’ve probably faced one major challenge: Monetization. Thanks to web3, that is no longer a problem. With NFTs, digital artists are able to forge a closer bond with their audience, fostering community and deepening interactions through their digital creations.

One artist navigating this space is Erik Lundy, known for his vivid interactive comics and animated art. Today, we discuss how he came across NFTs and why he’s chosen Akord to preserve his digital art.

Discovering the power of NFTs

Erik's introduction to NFTs came through a friend, an early adopter of the technology. He quickly realized that NFTs presented an opportunity to take control of his content in a way he hadn’t seen before. He also saw it as an opportunity to interact with his community and allow for easy interactions with his fans.

Why Akord?

A staggering 91% of NFTs are not stored on-chain, making them vulnerable. This did not sit right with Erik.

As far as integrity goes, I wouldn’t want to take money from someone for something that can just disappear.

Erik Lundy

If you want your NFTs to truly last, they must be stored on-chain. Thanks to Akord, that is now a possibility. Once an NFT is uploaded to Akord, it cannot be removed and is there to stay on the Arweave blockchain for at least the next 200 years.

As an artist, he doesn’t want his art to just vanish. He created it to make an impact and wants it to last in the world. Akord offers that assurance, guaranteeing that his works will survive him.

Token gated access: a game changer

One of Akord’s highly anticipated features is its Token-Gated Access (TGA). Erik sees a lot of potential in TGA, aiming to kickstart with his digital sketchbook and process videos. He’s working with the Akord team to be one of the first projects to implement TGA.

He envisions TGA as a way to offer unique interactive content, bonus features, and even exclusive access to his beloved comics. This feature not only adds a layer of exclusivity for his content but also enhances the value proposition for his audience.

Interactive comics have always been a distinctive element of Erik's portfolio. Through Akord, he will be able to make reading his comics a more immersive experience. If you’d like to check out an example, you can do so here.

Erik’s advice to artists

When diving into uncharted territories, especially something as dynamic as the NFT world, Erik emphasizes the importance of being prepared.

Drawing from his own experiences and the insights of his colleagues, he recalls a valuable lesson shared by a fellow artist: investing just a few hours into understanding and troubleshooting can potentially save weeks, even months, of challenges down the road.

Many times, Erik has witnessed that a mere four hours of proactive research could have preempted issues that, when overlooked, ended up costing him a whole month.

For those artists specifically considering leveraging Akord for their digital endeavors, remember that the platform is more than just a tool; it’s a community. Feel free to reach out, and the Akord team will be more than happy to guide you through your journey.

Oh, and most importantly…

Experiment. Have fun. There’s a lot of ways to do that in this space.

Erik Lundy


Erik's journey underscores the evolution of art in the age of blockchain. From static images to dynamic, interactive experiences, NFTs are continually redefining the boundaries of creativity.

Akord amplifies this transformation, ensuring durability and offering features like TGA that elevate the user experience. It's beyond just digital ownership; it's about experiences, interactions, and a lasting legacy.

So, what’s stopping you? Join Erik and countless others in preserving your legacy on Akord.

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