Save your memories and work – forever

Akord's digital vaults secure your files and messages for generations to come, using end-to-end encryption and permanent blockchain storage.

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Own your data


We store data on the Arweave blockchain, a network designed to store data for hundreds of years.


Get the benefits of web3, crypto and blockchain technology with a simple and intuitive product.


We secure your files and messages with end-to-end encryption. You own the keys. There are no backdoors.


When you upload a file to Akord you pay once for its storage on the blockchain. And you never pay again.

How people are using Akord

Combine permanent blockchain storage with end-to-end encryption to truly own your files.

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Permanent storage for personal files

Akord provides a digital time capsule with private messaging – perfect your family to share and celebrate your most treasured memories.

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Preserving family heritage

Akord's end-to-end encryption, coupled with the ability to own the keys, gives businesses the power to safely store their most valuable digital files and assets.

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Securing business and legal docs

Leveraging Arweave's permanent storage coupled with collaboration features, makes Akord ideal for individuals and organisations looking to preserve records indefinitely.

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Archiving academic and scientific work
Permanent storage for personal files Preserving family heritage Securing business and legal docs Archiving academic and scientific work

The future of storage

Akord is the future of storage – safe, simple and onchain. Everything Google Drive will never be.
Erik Ploeg, Actor
Akord is just the Dropbox and Whatsapp of Web3, but more secure!
Fabrizio, Developer
Put your stuff there once, then stop worrying if you paid some monthly bill. No need to ever update your credit card!
Patrick Cain, Designer & Project Manager
Like Dropbox but better. Single payment and my files can be permanently stored in the blockchain.
Nibel, Web Designer
I have accumulated many important documents in the course of my life. I decided to digitize them and upload them forever to Akord.
Filipp, Investor
Permaweb for your grandaunt!
Mike Lowther, Developer
Akord is bringing privacy to Arweave, the missing layer for the ecosystem.
Sam Williams, Arweave CEO
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Secure and store assets forever

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