Seize control of your data with web3 digital vaults.

Store, share and publish data permanently with public or private blockchain vaults. Try the mobile-friendly web app, or integrate and extend the Akord protocol in your own app with our builder tools.

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Trusted by organizations like

Veritree are on a mission to plant 1 billion trees by 2030.


Dedoco are a decentralised document management platform.


Mahamati Foundation are preserving ancient Buddhist texts.


Genobank enable researchers to share genetic data with NFTs.


ForeverStories podcast stories and preserve guests’ content.

Making web3 easy

A better UX for permanent file storage than anything I've really seen yet.

Nader Dabit
Founder, Developer DAO

What a web3 app should look like. It just works.

Co-founder, Crasolum

This protocol [Akord] allows you to harness the best tools that are being built.

Duncan Brown
Veritree, Blockchain Engineer

The Dropbox and Whatsapp of Web3, but more secure!


Our products

The tools to empower control of your data.

Our Products


Power workflows and build customer trust with blockchain vaults.

  • Critical files secured on-chain
  • Direct, private messaging
  • On-chain workflows with digital signatures
  • White label vaults for branded experience

Our Products

Active Archive

Secure your archive for the next 200 years with a one-off payment.

  • Know your total cost of ownership on day 1
  • Dynamic vaults for securing and sharing
  • Accessible tools for anyone to archive
  • Instant access to data at no extra cost

Our Products

Permaweb Publishing

Preserving what matters most… until the apocalypse.

  • Pay once, secure forever in public or private vaults
  • Access the app on all your devices
  • Group collaboration with notes and chat
  • Media viewer for files, audio and video


With a few lines of code get coding

The Akord Protocol and SDK provide the tools to store data, share and collaborate on Arweave. Bring data ownership, permanence and privacy to your apps.

Try our tutorial for an intro to Akord vaults

npm install @akord/akord-js
# Create your vault
const { akord } = await Akord.auth.signIn(username, password);
const { vaultId } = akord.vault.create("My personal vault");

# Write to your vault
const { noteId } =  await akord.note.create(vaultId, 'Hello World', "My first note");

# Read from your vault
const notes = await akord.note.list(vaultId);


Learn about the CLI, Akord Client in our protocol docs.

Our success is a successful community.

We’re not here just to create a product. We’re here to join with like-minded builders, eyes gleaming at the thought of the potential, the possibilities, the future. Without you, our work is incomplete.

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