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Our Story

Co-founded in 2020, Akord was created to help take back something incredibly precious that belongs to all of us – our data.

Akord is crafted with love by a global team in Paris, London, Warsaw, New York and Istanbul. We believe in building technology and products that advance the social good, improving people's lives and contributing to a more just society.

Our Vision

We believe only by owning our data can truly secure it and unlock its value.

Whether it’s ancient texts, reforestation data, genetic DNA, artistic creations, critical business documentation, or someone’s invaluable family photos, this is our most valuable data. And it's time we owned it.

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Our Mission

Akord is how you seize control of your data.

Without control of our valuable data we have no way to effectively protect and preserve it for ourselves, others and for people long into the future. Our data has been exploited, sold and stolen for far too long. Our mission is to build the tools to empower you to take control of your data.

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On a mission to plant 1 billion trees by 2030.


A leading insurance broker bridging the gap to web3.


Hedera's leading NFT platform for web3 creators.


Belgian cultural institution and centre for fine arts.


Preserving ancient Buddhist texts and teachings.

Core team

Pascal Barry
Pascal Barry

Pascal's background is as a multi-disciplinary designer. He leads Akord with a user-centred approach to product development.

Richard Caetano
Richard Caetano

Richard’s a technologist and entrepreneur with a focus on blockchain networks and privacy enhancing technologies.

Weronika Kolodziejak
Weronika Kolodziejak
Protocol developer

Weronika leads work on the Akord protocol. She’s a cryptography, security and blockchain developer with experience from IBM to the startup world.

Alex Katala
Alex Katala
Front-end developer

Alex leads all the frontend development on the Akord app. He’s a former artist and creative director.

Michał Kaliszewski
Michał Kaliszewski
Full-Stack developer

Michal connects the dots, from protocol to product. A full-stack developer and technical lead with 7 years experience on a global eCommerce platform.

Céline Autreux-Steinberg
Céline Autreux-Steinberg
Business admin

Céline takes care of business. An experienced lawyer and entrepreneur decrypting - and now encrypting - the business workings of a web3 startup.

Muhammad Ahmed
Muhammad Ahmed
Marketing assistant

Muhammad manages Akord’s online presence, writes for the blog and assists in marketing activities. He's also dedicated to helping others learn about Akord and Web3.

Kacper Gracki
Kacper Gracki
Back-end developer

Kacper drives innovation from the server's heart to user experience. A seasoned Backend Developer and technical architect, with 8 years of expertise in building robust infrastructures for large-scale digital platforms and services.

Morgan Schofield
Morgan Schofield
Marketing director

Morgan is a data-driven and technical growth leader with $10m+ spent and 10+ years of experience across SEM, SEO, SMM, CRO & CRM. Focused on the blockchain/web3 space since 2012.

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