About Akord

Protecting people’s privacy and data.

We’re passionate about building a simple, secure, privacy-focused tool. Something that will protect your data and communications, giving you peace of mind. We know when you constantly switch between email and any number of products to send, store and manage your files and messages, you’re left with an unnerving feeling of being exposed. Is this safe? What if I’m hacked? There are two many points of vulnerability. Too many unknowns.

Bootstrapped in Paris

We’re an independent startup based in Paris, co-founded in 2020. So far we’ve been self-funded and bootstrapped with love money and hard work.

Simple, secure, collaboration

For most people, thinking about privacy and security online is just another aspect of our complicated lives that we don’t have enough bandwidth to address. We provide a tool that, not only gives you a place to store, send and request your data with end-to-end encryption, but also acts as your central hub from which you can safely collaborate with your team, friends or family.

Privacy for all

Our Beta program is free and unlimited. But even as we move beyond Beta, we will keep a personal plan that is free. This option will be designed to give anyone the possibility to use Akord to secure documents for a variety of personal needs. So it won't matter where you live or how much you earn, if you need to protect your data during a mortgage process or exchanging your bank details Akord will be available to you.

Any questions?

Drop us an email and someone from the team will be back in touch shortly.

Core Team

Richard Caetano

Technologist and entrepreneur with a focus on blockchain networks and privacy enhancing technologies.

Pascal Barry

Multi-disciplinary designer who brings design thinking and creative processes to all levels of business.

Weronika Kolodziejak

Cryptography, security and blockchain developer with experience from IBM to the startup world.