Our purpose

Privacy matters. Your data has value. But you probably feel your privacy online is non-existent, and your data is out of your control. It doesn't have to be that way.

A proven team

We've worked together across several startups. We write code and design products. We put humans at the heart of technology.

Richard Caetano
A portrait photo of Richard Caetano

Technologist and entrepreneur with a focus on blockchain networks and privacy enhancing technologies.

Stephan Florquin
A portrait photo of Stephan Florquin

Software architect and full-stack developer with experience across a wide range of products and technologies.

Pascal Barry
A portrait photo of Pascal Barry

Multi-disciplinary designer who brings design thinking and creative processes to all levels of business.

Weronika Kolodziejak
A portrait photo of Weronika Kolodziejak

Cryptography, security and blockchain developer with experience from IBM to the startup world.