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Dedoco's engine of trust for on-chain document management

Pascal Barry
Pascal Barry
5 Oct 2022 · 4 min
Dedoco's mission

Helping businesses embed trust in their brand, people and processes

With studies showing 95% of businesses are concerned with data integrity, there is an increased focus on securing workflows and processes. Relying on centralized third party services for processes like digital signing often means complex contracts and vendor lock-in.

Dedoco aims to create a network of trusted, connected, and verifiable documents, enabling organizations to become 'document-centric' in the web3 enterprise context. Their platform offers a layer of trust at the data layer, allowing other technologies and services to access their engine and benefit from their unique features.

Dedoco, a decentralized document management platform that manage over 1 million signatures daily, are on a mission to embed trust in businesses processes with a platform that is secure, tamper-proof and convenient.

Immutable verifiable documents, that’s what we can enable. If that next level of trust is to be permanently stored and shared, that’s where the Akord layer comes in.

Jason Williamson, Head of Growth & Partnerships, Dedoco

The solution

Akord and Dedoco partnership: ensuring secure workflows through decentralized solutions

Akord has partnered with Dedoco to provide businesses with secure and decentralized workflows for signing. The 'Send for signing' feature is now live on, allowing users to send any PDF from within an Akord vault to Dedoco’s platform for signing.

Users can upload legal documents directly to Akord, which are versioned and permanently stored on Arweave. Each version is protected by quantum resistant end-to-end encryption and then sent for signing with Dedoco, ensuring the document is never exposed to the risks inherent with web2 centralised cloud services.

Dedoco's clients in business, finance, and government can also benefit from Akord's security features and permanent storage. Users starting out in Dedoco will soon have the option to 'Save to Akord' at the end of the signing process, providing them with a time-stamped, permanent storage solution for their most valuable documents.

The outcome

A higher level of trust – decentralized document management and permanent storage

The challenge of storing sensitive and valuable documents while maintaining digital trust is a key concern for many businesses. For those who require immutable, verifiable documents, Dedoco can enable this through their engine of trust.

However, when a higher level of trust is required, such as permanent storage and secure sharing with third parties, Akord's layer comes in to provide the ideal solution. Through this partnership, businesses can have complete confidence in their document management processes, knowing that both immutable trust and secure storage are guaranteed.

Akord and Dedoco's users can benefit from the value and features of each other's platforms. This collaboration ensures digital trust is captured in a decentralized manner and offers additional security and simplicity over other web2 competitors.

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