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Understanding permanent dApps

Arweave takes dApps to the next level. Checkout how Arweave enables permanent dApps.

24 Jan 2024
Clock 3 min

Decentralised Applications (dApps) represent more than mere technological innovation in the modern web3 ecosystem. 

They represent a shift towards a more open and decentralised digital world, breaking away from the confines of centralised entities that control traditional applications.

The current state of dApps

Traditional dApps are built on blockchains like Ethereum and Solana. While dApps promise a decentralised and democratic digital landscape, they do face some challenges:

  • Hosting costs: Traditional dApps often rely on a network of nodes, resulting in significant costs to ensure consistent uptime.

  • Update issues: Ensuring all nodes have the latest version can be cumbersome, sometimes leading to fragmentation and inconsistency.

  • Data storage: Persistent data storage remains a concern, with decentralised solutions often being less efficient than centralised counterparts.

  • Reliance on blockchain: Many dApps are at the mercy of the blockchain they're built on. If the blockchain faces scalability or security issues, the dApp may experience downtime and no longer function properly.

dApps meet permanence

Enter the Permaweb—a space where content, once uploaded, remains forever. For dApps, this presents a game-changing opportunity:

  • Permanence: once deployed, apps on the Permaweb will always be available. No server downtimes or company shutdowns can affect their accessibility.

  • Cost-Efficiency: Developers pay a one-time fee to secure their dApp on the Permaweb, sidestepping the recurring costs traditional hosting demands.

  • Consistency: Unchanged and Permanent code ensures that dApps function exactly as intended, which can reduce security vulnerabilities related to updates or changes.

  • Version Choice: With dApps on the Permaweb, even if a DApp updates, all versions remain available. Users can choose the version they prefer.

Real-world implications

The shift towards permanent dApps has profound implications. In finance, we could see transparent systems that forever retain transaction data, eliminating fraud. Social networks could function without the fear of unexpected shutdowns, and games might offer truly persistent worlds. Above all, it fosters an environment of trust, knowing that the application's core functions will remain indefinitely.


DApps on the Permaweb promise a more stable and reliable decentralised digital environment. However, their greatest advantage may also be their Achilles heel. The inherent permanence of dApps on the Permaweb underscores the need for exhaustive testing, as any embedded issue becomes irreversible without deploying another updated version.

This very permanence, though, extends beyond just dApps. It paves the way for an internet where voices can't be silenced and where information remains accessible despite geopolitical or institutional decisions.

You know what this means, it’s time for the next article on censorship resistance.

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