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Arweave is censorship resistant

Censorship resistance is a common problem. Discover how Arweave prevents censorship.

24 Jan 2024
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The internet has become the primary medium through which information is disseminated, ideas are exchanged, and cultures converge. However, the shadow of censorship looms large, with numerous entities trying to stifle free expression. Arweave presents a glimmer of hope in this context, offering a sanctuary where silenced voices can be heard once again.

The pervasive nature of censorship

The internet is not immune to censorship's grip. From geopolitical decisions resulting in entire platforms being banned to institutional directives leading to selective content takedowns, the digital world often reflects the power plays of the real one. Censorship, in its many forms, has profound implications: shaping narratives, rewriting histories, and stifling dissent.

Governments may exert pressure on centralised services to suppress or remove content they consider inappropriate. A notable instance of this occurred in summer 2021 when the Chinese government banned the pro-democracy paper, Apple Daily.

Arweave fixes this

Arweave's core principles—immutability and decentralization—make it a formidable foe against censorship attempts. Here, once content finds its space, it is here to stay, resistant to external pressures. The decentralised architecture ensures no single entity can dictate the narrative, preserving content in its original form permanently. 

However, it's worth noting that Arweave addresses the concern of illegal content. With the ANS-106 Do-Not-Store request, the network provides a mechanism for signalling to miners that certain content shouldn't be stored.

A case in point that illustrates the power of censorship resistance through the Permaweb is the story of Apple Daily. This popular tabloid, known for its bold writing style, had been a staple in Hong Kong for 26 years. However, in 2021, amidst a broader crackdown on press freedom, the Chinese government forced Apple Daily to cease operations.

Despite this, thanks to Arweave, all was not lost. Over 4,000 articles from Apple Daily found a new, permanent home. While the physical publication might have been silenced, its legacy and contributions to journalism were preserved.


Arweave stands as a critical countermeasure against efforts to restrict free expression. It's a step towards an internet that not only remembers but also upholds the sanctity of original narratives.

History will no longer be controlled by centralised institutions and organisations that represent the few.

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