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Use end-to-end encryption or publish public files to Arweave.
Plug Akord vaults into existing products and workflows.
Find, discover and follow Akord vaults with our Permaweb dApp.
NFT Projects & Creators
Avoid disaster by storing your assets permanently on-chain.
Archiving & Preservation
Secure large amounts of data for the next 200 years (at least).
Business Impact
Protect business and customer data with E2E encryption and blockchain.
Web3 glossary

On-chain refers to all transactions and data that is available on a blockchain and is accessible by all nodes in the network. This includes data such as the mempool, blockchain history and account information.

Open Edition

Open Edition NFTs are NFT collections with no maximum supply that can be minted within a specific time period (usually 24, 48 or 72 hours). There are also very rare collections that have no time limit.