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Web3 glossary


WAGMI is an acronym for “we’re all gonna make it” and is meant to spread hope and optimism in the crypto community.


Essentially a digital wallet, as such, they have the ability to store digital assets. This includes everything from non-fungible (NFTs) tokens to cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

Examples include Arconnect on Arweave, Metamask on Ethereum, and Phantom on Solana.

Wearable NFTs

Wearable NFTs are clothing and accessories that are meant to be digital fashion for avatars in blockchain-based virtual games.

Web 1

Web 1 or Web 1.0 was the early, non-interactive version of the internet that mainly served as a platform for static content.

Web 2

Web 2 or Web 2.0 was the second generation of the internet, which introduced new features such as social networking, user-generated content, and interactive web applications.

Web 3

Web 3 or Web 3.0 is the decentralized version of the internet that utilizes blockchain technology and Dapps which allows users to have greater ownership and control over their data and digital assets.

If you’d like to learn more, you should check out What exactly is Web3?


Wen is a misspelling of the word “when” and it is often used in the crypto community to express the desire for a particular event to happen. Common examples include “Wen Lambo?”, “Wen Moon?” and “Wen Coinbase listing?”


A crypto whale refers to an individual or entity that holds large amounts of a specific project or token. The amount they own may also be enough to influence the price of a project. 

It is also the most common term to rank holders in a specific project. Other ranking terms include shrimp, crab, octopus, fish, dolphin, shark, whale and humpback in that order.


A whitelist is a list of pre-approved users or wallets that are allowed to participate in a specific event. This could be an ICO, IEO or an NFT drop.


A whitepaper is a document that outlines the technical specifications, features and potential applications of a cryptocurrency project. It is often used to attract investors and developers by providing a comprehensive overview of the protocol’s potential.

Wrapped Tokens

Wrapped tokens allow users to utilize a tokenized version of a particular cryptocurrency which is operable on other blockchains. This is usually done by holding the asset in a digital vault after which “wrapped” tokens represent the assets in the vault. Thus, they have the exact same value while creating the opportunity for greater interoperability.