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Why Kabila chose Akord

Kabila is an all-in-one NFT Hub built on Hedera, now storing all NFT assets with Akord.

5 Jun 2024
Clock 3 min

Kabila is an all-in-one NFT Hub and Marketplace built on Hedera Hashgraph. Previously, it used IPFS, but when its provider was restructuring, Kabila decided to explore better solutions for its users.

This article will discuss why Kabila chose Akord and how this integration benefits their customers.

1. Akord’s infrastructure is easy to integrate

Like Kabila, we’re focused on providing the smoothest experience for our users.

Thanks to our well-engineered SDK, Kabila could integrate Akord into their dApp seamlessly. Our SDK is designed to be user-friendly and efficient, making the integration process as smooth as possible.

With the previous system, creators could drop zip files of their assets, and the Kabila platform would unpack the zip and send the files to IPFS. We added this same feature to our SDK, allowing Kabila to maintain this flow and easily send files to be permanently stored on Arweave through Akord.

2. Better user experience

Previously, when users uploaded their assets through Kabila, they had to visit another website, set up an account, and go through multiple other steps.

With Akord’s infrastructure, Kabila streamlined this process. Users can now handle everything in-app, with Kabila managing the storage and sharing access based on the user’s upload needs.

This is a major benefit for creators, as they deal with less code and fewer steps, all while ensuring their NFTs are permanently preserved on Arweave.

The less code, the better. The less steps, the better. The easier, the better.

Jack Timothy, CMO at Kabila, on Akord’s integration.

3. Arweave is the safest option for NFTs

Comparison Table

Cost-effective storage

When uploading to Arweave, users pay a one-time upfront fee which guarantees at least 200 years of storage. There are no recurring or hidden fees. Arweave is pay once, store forever.


On-chain = Permanence

Off-chain solutions such as IPFS rely on third-party pinning services to maintain user data. Since these companies can cease operations at any time, they cannot ensure permanence, leaving your data at risk.

When Kabila uploads data to Arweave through Akord, their data is secure, even if Akord shuts down. Their data is uploaded on-chain to Arweave and is not dependent on Akord to maintain it.

Extreme redundancy

Pinning services on IPFS generally replicate data across only 3 to 6 nodes.

Arweave offers a much safer solution for Kabila. Any data uploaded to Arweave will have at least 20 copies across it’s decentralized global network.

Info icon Did you know?

Although you pay for 20 copies, the actual number of copies on Arweave often exceeds this minimum. Thanks to Arweave’s unique consensus mechanism, each miner is incentivized to host as much of the dataset as possible, further safeguarding your data against any single point of failure.

Arweave Nodes Map
Arweave has 100+ nodes across 16 countries

4. Choose Akord for your NFT platform

Integrating Akord into your NFT marketplace is straightforward, thanks to our well-developed SDK and seamless integration process.

Enhance your user experience, reduce maintenance overhead, and provide your creators with a secure, permanent storage solution. Join the growing number of platforms, like Kabila, that have successfully integrated Akord to ensure the longevity and security of their NFTs.

To learn more about integrating Akord into your platform, reach out to us on Discord.

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