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Why creators should pick Arweave over IPFS

Discover why creators should choose Arweave: cost-effective, no third-party reliance, redundant and permanent.

30 May 2024
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1. Arweave is cost-effective

To upload your data to Arweave, you pay a one-time upfront fee for at least 200 years of storage. There are no subscriptions or hidden fees.

Let’s say your NFT collection is 10 gigabytes.

On IPFS, a pinning service like Pinata, you’d be stuck paying $20 monthly ($240 yearly) to keep your data secure on IPFS.

On Akord, you’d pay $90 ($9 per GB) upfront, and your data would be secure without any ongoing maintenance. The same $90 would only get you five months of storage on IPFS. 


2. No third-party reliance

To maintain your data on IPFS, you’d have to use a third-party pinning service. The problem here is that companies can stop operating at any time. If your pinning service goes, so does your data.

When you upload your data on Arweave through Akord, you won’t lose it if the company shuts down. Your data is uploaded on-chain on Arweave and is not dependent on Akord to maintain it.

3. Arweave secures with extreme redundancy

Pinning services on IPFS generally replicate data across only 3 to 6 nodes.

Your upfront payment on Arweave covers not only 200 years but also a minimum of 20 copies stored across its network.

The actual number of copies often exceeds this minimum as each miner is incentivized to store as much of the dataset as possible.

Arweave Nodes Map
Arweave has 100+ nodes across 16 countries

4. IPFS offers persistence, Arweave offers permanence

There’s a popular misconception that data on IPFS is permanent.

IPFS is persistent. Your NFTs will be available on IPFS as long as they are actively maintained, like a subscription. You must manage payments to pinning services to ensure your data remains accessible. If you stop paying or your pinning service shuts down, your data will no longer be stored.

Arweave is permanent.Your data is paid for and stored indefinitely without any ongoing maintenance or payments. Your data is on-chain and will exist as long as Arweave does.

5. Why Kabila chose Akord

Kabila, an NFT hub and marketplace, used, a free pinning service on IPFS. Recently, discontinued its upload service, prompting Kabila to seek a more reliable and long-term solution.

Kabila Case Study

That is why they integrated Arweave through Akord. Their users now pay once and store forever, allowing them to focus on their project while their NFTs are safely and securely preserved.

To integrate Akord into your NFT launchpad, reach out to us on discord.

6. The choice is yours

Arweave offers a superior storage solution for NFT projects by providing long-term, cost-effective, immutable, and highly redundant storage on-chain. This makes it more secure and reliable than IPFS.

So what will you choose?

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