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Arweave crosses 1 billion transactions

Muhammad Ahmed
Muhammad Ahmed
20 Jul 2023 · 2 min
Arweave 1 Billion transactions


Exactly two years ago, Arweave was a permanent home for only 39 million pieces of data. Today, we celebrate an incredible milestone: Arweave now permanently stores 1 billion pieces of data, with a staggering 66% of these entries coming in just the past year.

Reaching 1 billion transactions is more than just a numeric accomplishment; it stands as a testament to stability, widespread adoption, and platform maturity. As of today, Arweave has earned its place in the exclusive club of protocols that have reached this monumental milestone.

For those new to the space, Arweave's mission is to function as humanity's collective hard drive, providing permanent storage for our most valuable data. 

The significance of the milestone

Increased adoption

The storage of one billion pieces of data on Arweave testifies to the platform's robust theoretical framework and its practical, real-world applications. The recognition of the need for permanent data storage has spurred increased adoption of Arweave, both for personal use and larger-scale projects.

Reliable and scalable

Arweave's ability to process one billion transactions without significant systemic issues underscores its robustness and dependability. The network has proven itself capable of handling high-volume transactions, signaling its scalability for larger adoption.

For instance, just yesterday, Arweave permanently stored 5.9 million pieces of data at a transaction speed of 69 transactions per second.  

Just the beginning

The significance of Arweave surpassing 1 billion transactions is monumental. It attests to the remarkable power and potential of blockchain technology in addressing real-world challenges.

As we celebrate this milestone, we look forward to the new possibilities that Arweave will unlock in our increasingly digital and decentralized world. Recently, it released the Universal Data License, a development that will empower content creators to define the terms for the value they provide.

While this milestone is noteworthy, remember, it's merely the beginning. We encourage you to explore the Arweave ecosystem yourself and invite you to make your first upload to Arweave on us. To help you get started, get 250 mb free when you sign up to Akord.

Welcome to the Permaweb. The journey is just getting started.

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