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Encrypted chat on Arweave

Discover how to use Akord's private on-chain vault for secure, encrypted messaging and collaborative file storage.

26 Jun 2024
Clock 3 mins


Private On-chain Vault

  • Create a private, on-chain vault.
  • In the file section of the vault, select 'chat'.

Chat Section

  • Chat conversation is visible.
  • Participants: The bull and the bear.
  • Features:
    • Add emoji reactions to messages.
    • Post new messages.


  • Notification for new messages in the vault.
  • Clicking the notification takes you directly to the chat section.
  • Relevant messages are highlighted.

Message Security

  • All messages are protected with end-to-end encryption.
  • Messages are recorded on-chain.



Hello Akordians, today we'll be talking about private messaging in Akord. Here, we have a private on-chain vault. Let's go inside. By default, we land on the files section of the vault, but we can select chat here.

Here, we see a conversation between two people in the vault, the bull and the bear. We can add emoji reactions to existing messages and post new messages here.

If we go over to notifications, when people post messages in our vaults, we will get a notification. If we click the notification, we go straight into the chat section of the vault and the relevant message is highlighted.

That's private messaging in Akord vaults. Every message is protected with end-to-end encryption and recorded on-chain as well. This is a pretty interesting feature to complement file storage. You can use it to celebrate and collaborate on stored files.

Hopefully, you find this video and this feature useful. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to drop into our Discord. You can find myself and the rest of the team there, and we are always happy to answer questions. Until the next video, take care. I hope you enjoy using Akord.

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