Use end-to-end encryption or publish public files to Arweave.
Plug Akord vaults into existing products and workflows.
Find, discover and follow Akord vaults with our Permaweb dApp.

Secure valuable assets on-chain – forever

Akord secures your NFT assets on the Arweave blockchain in a few clicks. You’ll even earn rewards!

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What is Akord?

We’re a platform designed for securing and tokenising assets. We’ll also reward you in crypto :)


Upload any data, mint Atomic NFTs and token-gate access

Akord can secure all data, including minting tokens and gating access to encrypted data with NFTs from Ethereum and Solana.


Intuitive and effective, from app to API

Akord abstracts away the complexity of web3, offering an easy way for creators or builders to access the power of on-chain data.

U token

Earn $U tokens for every upload to Arweave

Every upload earns some $U tokens. More files, bigger sizes = more $U. Subscribers can also earn extra tokens, unlocking bounties.

Built for builders

The simplest way to upload to Arweave

Want a super fast way to upload to Arweave with no tokens or wallets needed, and get your first uploads free? We fixed this.

const fs = require('fs').promises;
const data = await fs.readFile('/path/to/your/file.txt', 'utf8'); //nodejs specific

const response = await fetch('', {
    method: 'POST',
    headers: {
        'Accept': 'application/json',
        'Api-Key': 'your_api_key',
        'Content-Type': 'text/plain'
    body: data

Manage assets on Arweave with Akord’s REST API, SDK and CLI

Who uses Akord?

NFT projects, web3 creators, and builders use Akord to secure their valuable assets.

A better UX for permanent file storage than anything I've really seen yet.

Nader Dabit
Founder, Developer DAO

We use the Akord SDK to reduce the complexity to integrate with Arweave.

NFT Builder

What a web3 app should look like. It just works.

Co-founder, Crasolum

I don’t want my artwork to disappear, I want it to last in the world. Akord is a way to ensure it’ll outlast me.

Erik Lundy
Comic Book Artist

Akord excels in flawlessly merging Web2 and Web3, showcasing profound technical knowledge, making them exceptionally well-positioned to spearhead Permaweb adoption.

Jakub Wojciechowski
Founder and CEO, Warp Contracts

Akord is bringing privacy to Arweave, the missing layer for the ecosystem.

Sam Williams
Co-founder, Arweave

This protocol [Akord] allows you to harness the best tools that are being built.

Duncan Brown
Veritree, Blockchain Engineer

Akord is providing the Foundation with the means to not only protect and store digital files for hundreds of years, but also to ensure the quality of the information is preserved perfectly.

Karma Trinlay Rinpoche
Founder, Mahamati Foundation

Permaweb for your grandaunt!

Mike Lowther

Peace of mind that your assets will live forever

Permanent storage is the only logical choice for digital assets you intend to trade. Secure you the files you can't afford to lose on Arweave in a few clicks.