The digital archive that lives forever
Cloud storage is like limbo for your digital files. How long until you need to move them? Will the data be leaked in a hack? Your work deserves better. Akord offers permanence and security – essential for an enduring archive.
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Permanent peace of mind

Akord uses blockchain technology and advanced cryptography to secure sensitive data indefinitely. Files are encrypted before leaving your device and sent to the Arweave blockchain. You pay once to store that data, and that payment goes into an endowment-like mechanism that covers the continued cost of storage.

Social vault archive

Social vaults built for collaboration

Everything in Akord happens within your digital vaults – encrypted spaces where you can store data, but also invite others and message. Akord also has a built-in immutable timeline of events, showing the activity within your vault. Our social vaults are perfect for teams working to secure and archive large amounts of data.


A sustainable storage solution

When you're planning on storing data indefinitely, signing up to a monthly subscription plan is not sustainable. With Akord, you pay once to store your digital assets. And never again. Everything you upload will always be accessible on the blockchain, meaning you know the exact cost to permanently archive your work.

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