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All your uploads are secured forever on the Arweave blockchain.

Profile photo of Mai
Mai 13:28
Door Invite accepted
Profile photo of Daniel
Daniel 13:58
Welcome to the vault 🥳
Profile photo of Mai
Mai 14:07
Yesss! I’m going to start adding some of my photos from the last family do  🖼️
Profile photo of MJ
MJ 16:34
Upload Grandad’s memoirs.pdf
Screenshot of memoirs
Profile photo of Daniel
Daniel 17:11
Wow! I never knew he had written wartime memoirs. That reminds me – I have some videos of grandad...
Profile photo of Daniel
Daniel 17:15
Upload 2 files uploaded
Video icon Anniversary
Video icon Grandad and Auntie Jane.mp4
Permanent storage

Pay once, store forever.

When you pay to upload data, your funds go into an endowment that covers sustainable and perpetual storage on the Arweave blockchain.
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Pay once, store forever.
End-to-end encryption

Your data’s so secure, even we can’t see it.

You have sole access to the encryption keys in your Akord wallet, and have complete control over who can see your digital assets. All files uploaded are encrypted before they ever leave your device – phone, tablet or desktop.
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Your data’s so secure, even we can’t see it.
Intuitive Interface

Simple, sleek, streamlined.

You don’t need workshops, webinars or hours of trial and error to get going. We built Akord with a focus on simplicity and usability – an elegant tool with a streamlined interface that will instantly feel familiar.
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Technology + Design =

Powerful features that work with you.

Blocks 1

Arweave blockchain

Permanent and decentralised. A new storage paradigm.
Frame 1

End-to-end encryption

All data is encrypted and decrypted locally. We never see your data.
Key 1

Own the keys, own your data

Store a backup phrase and own the keys to encrypting your data.

The crypto ledger

Every event logged on an unalterable record of events.
Frame 3

Storage top ups

No monthly billing. Pay once, and ensure your data is available forever.
Frame 2

Terms of access

Lay some ground rules and everyone will need to digitally sign your terms.
Documents 1

Document versioning

Add new versions to files and keep access to all previous versions.
Mobile 1

Mobile web optimised

Akord is designed for the web and optimised for the mobile experience.
Light dark 1

Light and Dark mode UI

Auto adapt the UI to the time of day or set the colour theme to your liking.