Your Akord Wallet, Password and Backup Phrase

Your Akord Wallet

When you create your account, your Akord wallet is created at the same time. It’s built on the same cryptographic protocols that are used for crypto wallets that store cryptocurrencies.

Your wallet stores the cryptographic keys that encrypt and decrypt your data as well as authenticating you when you log in and digitally signing your actions on Akord.

Your Password

Your password is like your shortcut to accessing your wallet the keys inside. Your password decrypts your wallet locally on your device. Your password is never sent to our servers. This way no one can access your wallet and, therefore, your data other than yourself or anyone you have invited to a data room.

When you choose your password we evaluate it based on common passwords and patterns like dates, repeats (`aaa`), sequences (`abcd`), keyboard patterns (`qwertyuiop`) and l33t speak, all of which is referenced by password crackers. We enforce the strongest setting for your password to make it almost impossible you will have a weak password susceptible to being attacked.

We recommend using an encrypted password manager to manage this and all your passwords.

You can change your password by going to Settings > Security > Change password.

Unlike most digital service providers, we can’t reset your password if you forget it, as the password is never communicated to us. If you forget the password, you must use your backup phrase to reset the password.

Your Backup Phrase

Your backup phrase is 12 randomly generated words created to backup your account. Keeping your backup phrase safe is critically important. We recommend you:

  • Store your backup phrase in a few different secure locations offline.
  • Don’t communicate your phrase to anyone.
  • Don’t store your backup phrase unencrypted digitally.

If you lose your backup phrase and forget your password, then you will not be able to access your account. In order to truly own your data you need to own the keys to its encryption.

You can reveal your backup phrase by going Settings > Security > Reveal backup phrase.

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