Stacks: Akord's File Versioning System

In Akord we have an in-built system for file versioning we call stacks. Once you upload a file to Akord you have the option to add a new version.

Add new version

Once you add a new version of a file, you will see the icon change to denote you now have a stack of files.

Stacks icon

A stack is independent of the files within it in the sense that its name is not altered by the files uploaded. That’s to say, if you upload a file called Contract and your stack is called Con-Ref-1234, then the stack will continue to be called Con-Ref-1234.

The stack initially takes its name from the first uploaded file, but any other name changes must be done through Akord.

Rename stack

When you’re within the file previewer, you have the option to view all the previous versions of a file. All the versions will take the stack name, but they will also be marked with a suffix, V1/2/3 etc, and this will added to any of the versions you download.

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