Managing Documents in the Data Room

Akord documents 2x


Within the documents view of your data room you will see a list of every file uploaded to your data room. From this view you can more easily focus and manage your documents.

This view looks similar to any cloud storage provider with all your files listed in a table format. You can sort each column by clicking the title – Name, Modified at, Versions – and sort results in ascending/descending or A-z/Z-a order.

How Your Documents Are Encrypted

When you upload a file to your data room it’s encrypted locally before it ever leaves your device. The document is always encrypted while it’s on Akord’s servers. It’s impossible for us to ever decrypt your data, or anyone else in the event Akord was ever hacked. When you downloaded a file or preview a file, it is only ever decrypted locally.

Previewing Your Documents

ou can preview your documents by clicking on the name of file, which will launch the file previewer. From this view you can cycle through the preview for each document by pressing the arrow keys on each side of the screen.

If there are multiple versions of the document, then you will have dropdown menu option from the file title where you will be able to view previous versions that were uploaded.

Filtering Your Document View

Similarly to the activity timeline, you can also filter the documents view from the same icon in the top right. You can filter the view to show certain file types, a time period of when the files were uploaded, or a combination of both.

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