Data Rooms and Terms of Access

What is a Data Room?

The first time you login to Akord, you’ll be asked to create a data room. The data room is the place where all the action happens.

In messenger style apps you have groups or channels, but in Akord you have data rooms. A data room is different to group chat because it is a space to store documents and data, as well as communicate.

You can think of your data rooms as encrypted, secure digital spaces where you can safely message and share files with people you choose to invite into your room. No one can see inside this room, not even us.

Terms of Access

Data rooms are also different in that you can set specific conditions to those entering the data room. Those conditions can be different from room to room. In Akord, we allow users to set terms of access.

Akord terms of access

Terms of access are optional. You don’t have to set any terms of access, in which case anyone you invite will just have to accept an invitation.

If you do set terms of access then they will presented to anyone invited to the data room, and they will be asked to digitally sign the terms before they can enter the data room and view the data inside.

By default we have set some generic terms of access, which you can remove by unchecking the box “Use the default terms of access”, or override with your own terms of access. Your terms could be legal copy like an NDA or just some general ground rules you want to make clear to all members of the data room, like setting a deadline or other project specifics.

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