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Changelog 4 Jun
June 04, 2021

Refactoring the UI

The Changelog was quiet for the whole of May, but behind the scenes we've been pushing through two epic projects. The first of which is now live on Beta and covers a complete refactoring of our UI.

When you build a piece of software from scratch, you naturally hit a point where you transition from working on the pieces to working on the whole. And when you get to that point, you start seeing how some of those pieces you built first off don't work so well with those that came at the end.

With our UI, we took weeks to go over all the designs with fresh eyes and an holistic approach, ironing out the inconsistencies, removing redundancies and perfecting those details. We then took the same approach to our code, completely refactoring the frontend to achieve a more maintainable, scalable and optimised codebase that has actually resulted in noticeably improved performance.


At the same time as refactoring our UI, we've been working on an exciting upgrade of our encryption. This work will be hot on the heels of this latest update, so more details to follow soon!

Changelog 18 April
April 26, 2021

Speed and Performance

We're always considering how to optimise Akord, so we can mitigate the extra work we're doing in the browser to encrypt your data end-to-end. For the past few weeks we've been making some serious upgrades to improve performance. We introduced the concept of a transaction log to improve data synchronization. We also created a compact log entry for each action, which means you only retrieve the latest changes based on the history of this log when you sign in to Akord.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Some general refactoring and optimization of the crypto ledger (our internal blockchain for each data room).
  • We now store encrypted data offline with IndexedDB.
  • Added an animated loader for when Akord takes a moment to load, complete an action or if you refresh the app.
Changelog Images 2 April
April 05, 2021

Revoking and deleting files

Continuing with our current phase of the roadmap, focused on finishing core housekeeping features, we've implemented the ability to revoke files from your data rooms. The historical data around the file is kept in the timeline, but it is no longer available to view or download.

There is now a Revoked files section of Akord. From within this part of Akord you can either restore revoked files or permanently delete them.

Other improvements and fixes

  • We cleaned up the terminology and the display of filtering options in the activity timeline.
  • Improvements to the logic optimising the real-time display of new events.
Changelog 23 March
March 22, 2021

Archiving data rooms

You can now archive your data rooms, cleaning up your view by moving out unused rooms. Archiving data rooms blocks members from adding any further actions or assets – file uploads, messages, invites etc. Archiving enables you to stop activity but retain all data, nothing will be deleted.

Other improvements and fixes

  • We added more links to useful resources to the email that goes out to anyone who has just signed up.
  • Some backend fixes to stabilise the invitation system.
  • Bug fixes to the data room when you have View Only permissions.
Changelog 15 03
March 15, 2021

Exploring key management systems

One of our main tasks last week was to explore other key management options to provide users with a sign up option that didn't require them to store the backup phrase. We believe there are options that could work, but they require further research. For now, we'll be continuing to require users to store a backup phrase, as any alternative we could implement at this point would introduce security vulnerabilities within the collaborative context of Akord.

Since our last update, we've deployed a bunch of miscellaneous improvements to the Akord UI. The most significant change was adding the functionality to handle duplicate file uploads. If you try and upload a file with the same name, you'll now be prompted if you want to keep both copies or add the upload as a new version of the file. (You can add new versions to any file from the file menu.)

Other improvements and fixes

  • We now enforce pressing the "Post" button to send encrypted messages, to help prevent accidentally sending messages when you try to add a line break.
  • The chat bubbles on the timeline now have a colour outline instead of solid colour, which allows for better contrast on the type and improved readability.
  • The X close icon now has consistent behaviour across different contexts and breakpoints.
  • The spellcheck underline from the password field has been removed.
  • We changed the colour of the white text in dark mode to an off white colour to take off the edge and ease reading.
  • We cleaned out some issues with the filter on the timeline, so all options were clear and only those available displayed.
Changelog 08 03 21
March 09, 2021

Inviting someone outside of Akord

Last week we had tunnel vision on one key feature – being able to invite someone to your data room who isn't already on Akord. A major blocker to quick collaboration.

You can now invite everyone you need to collaborate with from within Akord. If they don't have an account, we'll reach out and guide them through the process of creating an account. Once they're on Akord we ask you to confirm access and their invite to the data room is sent to them.

Improvements and fixes

  • Fixed a bug when uploading a new version of a file the display in the timeline was missing the title of the file
Drag Drop 1200
March 01, 2021

Adding drag & drop

Last week was a busy one – our first week since releasing Akord in a public Beta. A lot of our work was focused on improving the sign up and invite flows based on our first users’ feedback. But we also found the time to release a drag and drop zone for file uploads on the Documents screen within a data room.

Improvements and fixes

  • URLs posted to messages are now clickable
  • A tooltip with the user's email when hovering on the name
  • Increased the font size of the password advice when creating an account
  • Reset button is more prominent when verifying your backup phrase
  • Improved an invite flow when you re-invite someone who has been revoked from a data room
  • We now give the option to resend the email verification link if you try and login without having verified your email address
  • Some of the copy on the screens explaining the account backup phrase have been re-written to be more user friendly
  • A notification is sent to user if they are revoked from a data room
  • A fix to our emails that were getting scrambled in Outlook