Pascal Barry
Pascal Barry
28 Sep 2021 · 5 min
SeriesThe Akord Beat

A stunning September


The Akord Beat is our monthly community newsletter, here to deliver you all the happenings in our fledgling ecosystem. September was a wild ride – the perfect month to kick this series off. So without further ado, let’s get into it!

Arweave Open Web Foundry

It was a busy summer for the team, working hard throughout Arweave OWF4. We finished the programme as one of the selected projects and presented Akord at the demo day, which also officially ended our Beta phase. In the 6 weeks through OWF we move our data storage over to the Arweave network, as well as our crypto ledger and messaging, and we now provide a seamless fiat payment onramp using Stripe to top up storage within Akord.

OWF pres

Akord co-founder Richard Caetano, presenting at OWF4

“1000 for 1000” Campaign

At the end of the OWF demo day we announced our “1000 for 1000” campaign, giving away 1000 MB to the next 1000 users who signed up to Akord. The response was truly incredible with hundreds of retweets and likes across our Twitter account. All 1000 GBs were snapped up in less than a week. In the midst of it all we even picked up a shout from @coinbureau, one of the biggest crypto channels on Youtube. Even during this bearish September, at current prices the campaign totalled a stunning $20,000+ worth of permastorage giveaways.

Coinbureau twee

@coinbureau spreading the Akord word!


Off the back of the campaign, Akord now has over 1,300 users.

In less than a month we have now posted 2000+ transactions on the Arweave network.

In the month of September we had 3,000 visitors to (and in case you were wondering, we use privacy-first Fathom Analytics).

Fathom Akord stats

September stats from the Akord website.

Investment Round

Not content with pushing a major deployment, exiting Beta and onboarding over 1,000 new users, we’ve jumped straight into an investment round

We’re looking to raise a round to fund the development of Akord and the underlying protocol for the next 18–24 months. But more than capital, we’re looking for next-level investors who’ll be part of the team, getting involved in the crucial process of decentralising the business and implementing the token network that will power Akord and the protocol.

We’re super fortunate and incredibly excited to be talking to over a dozen investors including some of the biggest names in the crypto game. The conversations so far have all been very positive and enlightening – engaged and intelligent people passionate about crypto, web3 and the Arweave ecosystem.

More announcements on this to come… watch this space!

The Akord Community Discord

During our conversations with investors, we’re often casting our glance to the future, presenting the vision of Akord years ahead of the present. This future involves a DAO and the $AKRD ($NAME TBD!) token. Community will be at the core of that reality, with token holders holding governance powers and sharing in the success of the project.

Just this week we launched the Akord Community Discord. We didn’t wait until we were further along in the roadmap or until we have the resources to hire a community manager. We want to hear from YOU now!

Akord Discord

The Discord will be where all the action happens. The Akord team will be available for questions and feedback. We’ll also be getting deeper into some dev talk, explaining some of our decisions regarding how and why we built the Akord the way we did.

It will also be the place to find out about offers, announcements, updates and anything else of note that happens in the Akord universe!

More Free Permastorage!!!

Fresh off giving away 1000 GB for free storage on Akord, we’re now offering 100 MB of permastorage to anyone who gives us quality feedback on the Discord.

We’re also working on a referral program and announcements will be first made in the... you guessed it… Akord Community Discord!


Believe it or not, there’s more I could talk about but I think that will do for the inaugural Akord Beat! I hope you enjoyed it and stay tuned for next month’s. Until then, enjoy the last of the September sun :)