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Privacy starts with people

Pascal Barry
Pascal Barry
13 Jul 2020 · 3 min read
Privacy starts with people

Privacy and Transparency

There is always a balance between privacy and transparency.

In any exchange, some information should be hidden, while other information must be visible.

We aim to understand this dynamic and achieve the right balance.
Transparency on how personal data is stored, managed and processed is critical in earning trust.

We’re building the tools that will enable transparency and build trust between all parties.

What should be hidden and what remains visible may not always be the same in different contexts, and for different people.

We commit to developing any products or services in a way that seeks to understand the concerns of everyone involved.

People and Organizations

We prefer to speak – and think – about people.

Not users. Not clients, customers or consumers. But people.

We see organizations as collections of people. This prevents an ‘us versus them’ mentality when considering the important question of privacy.

We believe it is to the benefit of all when privacy and data protection rights are respected.

We aim to help organizations to empower the people who use their services, while giving everyone the tools to protect their rights and create a trust-based system of data exchange.

Our mission is to defend the data rights of the individual, while helping companies to protect and empower those who use their services.

Humans and Technology

We do not believe in abstract problem solving, or relying on technology alone to solve complex problems.

We believe in a human-centred design approach to everything we do.
We start with an empathetic understanding of the challenges of people and organizations.

We seek to understand the Why behind motivations, goals and behaviours of the people who will use our products.
Technology is not separate from us.

We decide how to create, develop and then use technology.

New technologies create risks that we must protect against, but they also allow for opportunities to advance humanity in untold exciting and unimagined ways.

We are inspired by the potential of modern cryptography and encryption to help deliver powerful solutions to some of the problems of privacy we face today.

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