February 19, 2020
Pascal Barry
With the first blog post written for Akord, we'd like to talk about something dear and near to all of us, our privacy.

Let’s talk about privacy

We’ve been talking about privacy for a few years. When the general data protection regulation (GDPR) came into effect in 2018, it seemed like a game changer. 

All of a sudden we had data rights. The right to be forgotten. The right to be informed. The right to to restrict processing. The right to data portability... Sounds great, right?

But nearly 2 years later we still feel the sense of powerlessness when it comes to our personal data. 

And the world’s richest man, tech titan, Jeff Bezos, can’t even secure his nude selfies.

We’re constantly left with that pervasive feeling that our personal data is out there; unsecured, misused, sold. 

That feeling of powerlessness leads us to throw up our hands, or bury our hands in the sand. Oh well, at least everybody else is in the same boat. It’ll probably be OK, we tell ourselves.

We believe when it comes to protecting your personal data – the information and media most important to you, that identifies you, that enables you to work, travel, purchase goods – that stuff is too important to trust that it will “probably be OK”.  

There is one simple way to think about the security of your data: who can see it? 

With almost all storage and email providers, security breaches are possible because data is either not encrypted, or only partially encrypted at certain points, in certain ways. Add to that, increasing pressure from governments to include“backdoors” in encrypted services, and your data is almost always open at some point, in some way, to being taken. 

We use encryption in a way that only you and the intended recipient will ever be able to see the files shared. You will hold the keys to decrypt that information in your account, not us. You can also set an expiry date on those files, and the ability to cancel access at any point. Instantly. 

And let’s not stop there. Recent heavy hitting regulations – GDPR in Europe and CCPA in California – are just the start in giving legally binding data rights to people. Now it’s time to exercise those rights. 

Our mission is to create a privacy hub where individuals and organisations can manage their own data rooms – a place to send, store and share the most important files. We aim to couple the power of encryption and our right to dictate the terms of consent, with a product that is simple and effortless to use. A product that leaves you feeling secure in storing and sharing personal data.

This journey is just beginning. 

We’re looking for professionals and business to help develop the product. Let's continue the conversation at!

Richard, Stephan & Pascal
Co-founders, Akord