Pascal Barry
Pascal Barry
6 Oct 2022 · 3 min

V2 beta app release

Akord v2 post

New protocol, new app

We recently released the new Akord protocol open source along with a raft of developer tools to help builders get going on the new protocol.

The Akord protocol marks a new beginning where we start to create an ecosystem of builders who will use our technology to integrate permanence, privacy and collaboration on Arweave into their own projects.

We built the Akord protocol for number of reasons, including:

  • having a standard way of posting transactions to arweave

  • moving from base64 to binary uploads to get rid of unnecessary storage consumption caused by encoding

  • moving to arbundles to get finite and deterministic transaction references

  • improving encryption to defend from quantum computing attacks

  • using Redstone warp to have each vault represented by warp contract with calculated state.

Along with the protocol release, we launched a new version of the Akord app in public beta – the first application to be built on top of the protocol.

These changes, while a big leap forward technologically, were breaking in the sense that we no longer maintain the code needed for the old decryption and encryption used on v1 (

You can login to with the login credentials from, but you will not see any of your vaults or uploaded data.

Migration tool

No data uploaded to will ever be lost. Eventually we will deprecate this app, as from now on all new features will be deployed on the new But for a while we will run both apps, giving people time to migrate their data to the new version.

We’re currently building a migration tool that will enable anyone who has vaults and data on to migrate everything to v2. There will be no cost for this migration, the tool will be completely free to use.

If you have any questions concerning the migration of your data, the best place to reach our team is on the community Discord.

View contracts

Most of these changes, being at the protocol level, are not noticeable when you use the new app by logging in to The exception is that you can now select “View contract” from the vault menu, and you will be taken to the Warp contract page for the vault on Redstone’s SonAR explorer.

Screenshot 2022 10 04 at 14 49 22

Share public vault

There is one other new change to, which you will see from the vault menu: select “Share vault” and get a link to share with anyone and let them easily view your vault’s contents.

Screenshot 2022 10 07 at 10 41 48

Please note that you can share your vault straight away, even while your uploads are in pending state. This means if you click on the “View transaction” link on individual files, it will display a 404 error on

If you want to share your public vault and have all the files to have working transaction links to, than ensure all content is no longer in pending state (file icons with orange dots are in pending).