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File management and versioning on Akord

Discover Akord's robust file management and versioning system, empowering users with intuitive tools to organise, update, and safeguard their data within private vaults on the Arweave blockchain.

25 Jun 2024
Clock 7 mins


File sorting

  • Files can be organised by sorting columns
  • Sorting options include name, date modified, size, and number of versions

File versioning

  • New versions can be added to files using the file menu
  • Multiple versions of a file are linked together within the vault context
  • All versions are preserved and can be accessed through a dropdown in the media viewer
  • Differences between versions can be viewed

File renaming

  • Files can be renamed through the file menu
  • Renamed files are immediately updated in the view

File hiding and clearing

  • Files can be hidden for housekeeping purposes
  • Hidden files can be viewed in the vault menu
  • Hidden files can be restored or completely cleared from the application view
  • Cleared files still exist on the Arweave blockchain and can be found with the transaction ID

Folder creation and organization

  • Folders can be created to organize data
  • Subfolders can be created within folders
  • Navigation becomes a breadcrumb navigation at the top

Moving files

  • Individual files can be dragged and dropped into folders
  • Multiple files can be selected and moved using the move option
  • Files can be moved to folders and subfolders

Batch actions

  • Multiple files can be selected at once
  • Options for batch actions include moving, hiding, and downloading
  • All items in a view can be selected quickly using a checkbox

Additional notes

  • Views are paginated for large numbers of files
  • Data cannot be deleted from Arweave, only hidden or cleared from the application view



Hello Akordians. We are in a private vault on Akord, and we're going to look at file management and file versioning—all the different options available to us.

I just uploaded these files here, and we can see they're still in a pending state, as indicated with this yellow dot. That's interesting to note because we cache data as soon as you upload it. So, even if it's not fully committed on our weave, which normally takes 5 to 15 minutes, you can still manage the data while it's in this pending state, while it's cached.

Let's go ahead and look at the options. First, we can organize the data by sorting the different columns here. Just by clicking the titles, we can sort the data by name, the date it was last modified, the size, and the number of versions.

Let's also talk about versions. We can add a new version to the file by opening the file menu and selecting "add new version." I'll just choose something from my desktop here and upload that, and then we'll see the number update over here. We can see this file now has two versions. When I click the file name, I'm going to open the media viewer, and I've got this dropdown. Now I can go and see the first version of the file, go back to the latest version, and we can see the differences there.

It's important to note that with versioning, we're not substituting one file for another. We're not losing—you can't lose any previous versions because, of course, data cannot be deleted on Arweave. We're just linking the files as versions within the vault context on Akord. This is useful as we'll never lose the older versions of files; they'll always be there to reference.

Coming back to the file menu, we can also rename files, do some housekeeping, and hide files. This file that we renamed is not deleted because, again, we can't delete files on Arweave, but we can do some housekeeping on the application. If we go to the vault menu, we can view all of our hidden files here.

We can go one step further - we can clear the file. If I select it by clicking the icon here, I could restore it back to the vault main view, or I could completely clear it out of the application view. It's always going to exist on the Arweave blockchain, and if we had the transaction ID, for example, we'd be able to go ahead and find it on ViewBlock, the Arweave blockchain explorer. But yeah, just for housekeeping, we can hide files, and we can go ahead and completely clear them.

We can also create folders to organise the data in our vault. If we go over to the plus menu here, we can see "create a folder," which we'll call "one" because we'll create some subfolders as well. If I click "one," I'm inside now. You can see "my private data" - that's the name of the vault, and then I'm inside the folder "one." I'll create this subfolder "two," then we can see "two." If I click "two," I'm now inside folder "two." We can use the navigation - it turns into a breadcrumb navigation at the top here.

Now, I want to start moving some of these files into my folders. I could take an individual file and drag and drop it into the folder - that's possible. I can also click here, and then up here, I could select "move." If I hold down the shift key I can select a whole bunch of files and then select "move here." If I select this arrow, I can go into the folder, and then I can see the subfolder "two" or go back and select folder "one." I want to move these files into that folder. Click "move" - it will take a moment as the files move into the folder.

If I click "one" here, then I have those files that I moved. Let me go back to the root level. If I select one file by clicking the icon, you can select everything in that view. So if you have many items in a vault, that's a quick tip to go ahead and select everything. If there are hundreds and hundreds of files, we do paginate the view as well so that it's just not an endless list.

If I go ahead and deselect the folder, I will have everything other than the folder, and then I could move the rest into that folder or, indeed, the subfolder. So that's folders and some of the batch actions here. Again, we've got "hide" or "download," so I could go ahead and download many files in one go.

Those are the core file management and file versioning features with Akord. If you have any questions about the features I've gone over or requests, please go ahead and jump into our Discord, where you'll be able to reach myself and other members of the team. We'd love to hear from you. Hopefully, you found this video useful. Until the next one, take care.

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