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Create markdown notes on Arweave

Learn how to create, style, and manage versioned markdown notes within Akord's private onchain vault, complete with formatting options and blockchain-backed storage.

25 Jun 2024
Clock 4 mins


Creating a note:

  • In a private on-chain vault
  • Create a note, click the plus button and select "create note" (third option)
  • Open the editor
  • Name the note (e.g., "my note")
  • Use markdown to style the note if familiar with it
  • For those unfamiliar with markdown, type text and use icons to style

Styling options:

  • Bold, Code, Strikethrough, Headings (H1 to H3), Bullet points, Numbered list, Links to websites

Markdown examples:

  • Demonstrated what code looks like in markdown
  • Showed how to add a link (text in square brackets, URL in parentheses)
  • Preview feature available to see styled text

Saving and viewing the note:

  • Click "save note" to save the first version on the blockchain
  • Click the file name to view the note in the media viewer

Editing and Versioning:

  • To edit, use the options menu and select "edit note"
  • Save new version after editing
  • The note will now have multiple versions (e.g., two versions)
  • Latest version shows new content
  • Ability to go back to previous versions (e.g., V1) to see original content



Hello Akordians. Today, we're going to be talking about notes. I'm in a private on-chain vault, and if I go over to the plus button over here, I will see the third option is "create note". Click that, and we open the editor.

I'm going to call this "my note." If you know Markdown language, you can go ahead and start using Markdown to style your note. If you don't know Markdown, you can just type out what you want to put into the note, highlight certain parts of the text, and use the icons here to style the text. We have bold, code, strikethrough, headings one to three, bullet, and numbered lists, and we can also link to websites.

Let's try a few more examples to bring that to life. Here is what the code looks like, and let's add in a link. If we type some text and then we want to link that to an actual website, we have the URL in brackets there that we need to add. If we click preview, then we're going to see how that looks styled.

Once you're happy with your note, click "save note." This will save the first version onto the blockchain. There we go—we see the note. If we click the file name, we see it in the media viewer.

If we want to edit the note, then over here on the options menu, we've got "edit note". We're going to open that up and effectively create a new version. Save new version, and in a minute we will see my note with two versions. If I open the note, then this is the latest version with the new version text I added, but I could go back to V1 and there you have it - the original without that extra text at the bottom.

That's notes by Akord. Hopefully, you find this feature useful. If you have any questions on notes, please don't hesitate to drop into the Discord where you can find myself and other members of the team. We're always happy to answer questions. Hopefully, this is useful and you enjoyed the video. Until the next time, take care. Thank you.

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