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Consent is your right

Richard Caetano
Richard Caetano
20 Feb 2020 · 3 min read
Consent is your right

How Your Data is Being Used and Misused

Today’s world is exploding with data. Data on what we buy. Data on who we know and where we’ve been. Data on the most intimate aspects of our lives.
With everthing we do online, we leave a vapor trail of data behind us.

As we sign up for more and more services, each company leverages the data about us. Every one of our actions results in a data point. When these data points are combined into a data sets, an exteremely accurate profile is created and updated, as it follows you online.

This can be used to help improve the services you use, or it can be used to advertise products you may, or may not, want. It can be sold to other companies who may target you during an election, or use that information to develop new pharmaceuticals.

In any case, whether the output is positive or negative, you’re often not asked or aware of how your personal information is used. And you most definitely do not profit from any of this activity

New Laws for the Digital Landscape

As a response, the European Union implemented the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in May of 2018. GDPR gives people enhanced protections against unnecessary data collection, and seeks to redress the imbalance of power by clearly defining the individual as the owner of their personal data.

The European Union is not the only jurdistion put data rights into law. California’s Consumer Privacy Act, or CCPA, became effective from January 2020, allowing state residents to reclaim their right to access and control their personal data. The new law lets users request a copy of any data a company holds on them, delete the data when they no longer want the company to have it, and demand that their data isn’t sold to third parties.

Consent and Privacy by Default

Because all your data is encrypted end to end, we cannot see your data. Our product follows the privacy by default philosophy, where privacy is not an add on feature but a built in fundamental principle of the product itself.

We’ll never sell your data, use it without your consent or leak it on to the dark web if we get hacked, because we will never be able to access your data unencrypted.

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