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Announcing – an Arweave gateway

We’re delighted to announce that users can now access their data from – our own gateway to Arweave.

12 Jun 2024
Clock 3 min

Akord is committed to bringing a great user experience to Arweave, and this experience is manifested and determined in a number of ways.

One of the ways a user’s experience is affected is in their interaction with the gateways when uploading and retrieving data from Arweave.

By launching our own gateway to Arweave, we have furthered our ability to improve on this experience for Akord’s users.

We’re delighted to announce that users can now access their data from – our own gateway to Arweave. benefits

Get your data immediately with optimistic caching

One big benefit of running our own gateway is that we can optimistically cache Akord transactions.

We’ve worked on improving the UX in the app, so users who want a working Arweave gateway URL can get[tx-id] immediately as we cache the data to our gateway as soon as a user uploads their data.

Inside our vault, you can find an info icon on each file row, providing quick and intuitive access to a file’s info, where the gateway URLs can be found.

File info panel icon

We’ve cleaned up the interface in this panel and put prominent links that are easy to copy for the gateway, as well as the gateway, which many in the ecosystem are already familiar with.

In this panel we can now track the progress of the transactions on each gateway. Once you see the double green ticks you know the files are available through the gateways. Files that are available through immediately may still take a few minutes to be fully committed on-chain and available through services like Viewblock.

File info panel

Custom rate limiting for higher API performance

One issue when interacting with gateways is rate limiting. Querying from a gateway’s index will be rate limited, eg, the rate limit for gateway is 600 requests every 5 minutes.

Akord Explorer, soon to be released as our permaweb dApp, will give our users permanent access to their data, as well as a means for anyone to find and discover public data on Arweave. But if a user is trying to access a vault with thousands of images inside, rate limiting can mean the app will be stuck in a loading state for minutes and potentially timeout and crash.

With our own gateway, we can lift these rate limits and enable Akord Explorer to query and fetch data from Arweave in a performant way, giving users a seamless experience when interacting directly with their on-chain data.

For our customers on the Mountain plan, we can set custom rate limits allowing them to get more performant service from our API.

Built with AR.IO gateways

Last but not least, it’s important to acknowledge was built on the open source gateway code developed by the AR.IO team. AR.IO is a network of decentralized gateways and permanent domains for the Arweave ecosystem.

They maintain the gateway most associated with the ecosystem,, and their expertise has enabled others to create gateways that, in their words, provide “modularity and configurability necessary… to meet the needs of specific applications, use cases, communities, or business models.”

You can read more about AR.IO gateways here.

A big thank you to the team for helping support us in making our own gateway a reality.

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