Aï Miyuki
Aï Miyuki
7 Mar 2022 · 3 min read

Akord raises $2.3M to secure your data until the apocalypse

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Akord enables you to move your digital valuables off the cloud and secure them on chain – forever.

The company just closed a $2.3m round that included investments from Maven11, D1 Ventures, SevenX and Arweave.

The funding gives Akord the resources to market its secure and permanent storage and collaboration service.

After a year focused on product and protocol development, this investment gives us the resources to position Akord as the clear alternative to cloud storage for all your digital valuables.

Pascal Barry(@axo_pas), co-founder at Akord

Akord can provide secure storage for digital valuables using Arweave, the network that allows for permanent, decentralized data storage with a “pay once, store forever” model, which has recently seen massive gains in adoption.

This is especially useful for storing the digital valuables you want to secure for your lifetime, as well as preserve for future generations. Our collaborative vaults are also perfect for corporates, non-profit organizations, endowments, foundations and many other entities that are managed by a collective, spanning many generations.

Richard Caetano(@arsydotorg), co-founder of Akord

Akord also intends to support the community of developers who want to integrate the protocol with their applications. Using the Akord Protocol developers can build and integrate privacy and protection within their Arweave applications enabling interoperability and security.

Developers can build applications that access data privately from the Akord vaults. Members of the vault can then move secured data between applications without having to trust third parties to store or process their data.

Weronika Kolodziejak(@w_kolodziejak) the company’s cryptography engineer.

Originally launched in March of 2021, Akord is fully operational on the Arweave blockchain and is offering free storage for users who signup and/or invite others onto the system.

Akord is bringing privacy to Arweave, the missing layer for the ecosystem.

Sam Williams(@samecwilliams), Arweave CEO